Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Method 12

My favorite discoveries were podcasting and embedding video and setting up a blog spot for myself. I knew all these 2.0 web tools were available, but I never knew how to use them.

This program has affected my lifelong learning goals by enabling me to become more confident in my technology skills so that I can take full advantage of the web tools introduced.

My biggest surprise was that none of the applications were difficult. It just took a little patience and time to become accomplished at each task.

Yes, I would participate in a program like this one again. Thank you for putting the two-stepping together and making it available to librarians across the state.

Method 11

I was not actually able to watch a podcast in my library because the tech depertment was unavailable today to download a podcast aggregator. However, I did listen to several interesting podcasts. One that was of particular interest to me was on developing a wireless usage policy for school libraries. I think that podcasting is an easy tool to use to stay current on library issues and happenings.

Method 10

This method has enlightened me about the world of wiki. Although I am very familiar with Wikipedia, I did not know anything specific about the uses of wikis. A book review wiki would be beneficial for libraries everywhere. Librarians within a district could use wikis to share and collaborate their ideas about library policies.

Method 9

I was not able to chat with tslacdl. It did not appear that the option was blocked by our district, but it did not work for whatever other reason. I am familiar with chatting online, as I do this with my Skype and Facebook accounts. I was not familiar with MeeBo, but at this point do not feel the need to consolidate all of my chatting accounts, especially since I only have two. My library is very small, so I do not anticipate that adding a chatting option to my catalog would improve patron communication.

Method 8

I believe that social networking sites have their advantages and disadvantages. I have a personal facebook account because I have found that it's an easy and fun way to stay connected with family and friends. I am concerned about privacy issues, so I would consider that a major disadvantage of social networking sites. It has been reported recently that even if personal information is hidden that it is still easily accessed by anyone who wants to formulate a profile of your shopping habits, political views, etc. We have facebook blocked in our district, so I could not even access 10 Ways You Can Promote Your Library With Facebook. At this point, I cannot imagine any advantage to setting up a facebook account for my library. Wouldn't that take the place of the district library page? I will try to read the article at home so that I can gain some insight.

Method 7

I can see the potential for using delicious bookmarking in my library, especially for high school research assignments. I think it would be important to teach this 2.0tool to students so that they can easily locate articles to use in their research papers, or to tag their own articles. For everyday use, delicious does offer a convenient way in which to access bookmarks from any computer.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Method 6

I chose this video from because it overviews Destiny, which is our library automation system. I think embedding video into a blog or other web tool is an exciting application option for librarians. This is an excellent way to post book reviews by students, announce upcoming new arrivals or upcoming programs in the library.